JK Tourist Bungalow at Rangdum in Kargil: A Review

JK Tourist Bungalow at Rangdum in Kargil promises a good night’s sleep but does not ensure comfort of an attached bathroom. The guests cannot expect a lavish meal but they can enjoy the unpolluted Suru River and nude ranges of the Himalayas. Some of these ranges wear snow caps that change colors during sunrise and sunset.

Both bright bathrooms are appointed with Indian commodes, broken wash basins, dry taps, and modern glossy tiles.

Solitude + Bird watching

The 3-room guest house, set in the high altitude cold desert landscape, offers tons of solitude, ideal for watching the birds.


One of the three rooms has attached bathroom. This special room is earmarked for VIPs. So, common person like me and you will not get this. The VIP room features a double bed,  four-five wooden chairs and a center table, a dresser, and two bedside tables.

The remaining two rooms share a bathroom. Both bright bathrooms are appointed with Indian commodes, broken wash basins, dry taps, and modern glossy tiles. Limited water, say one or two buckets, is provided for washing in the bathrooms or the residents can collect the water from the hand pump installed within the complex and / or water channels running outside the complex.

Double / twin bedrooms feature mattresses covered with bedsheets.

The twin bed room I used during September, 2017 did not have mobile charging point.


Amenities in twin bed room in JK Tourist Bungalow at Rangdum

September 12, 2017. Rangdoom. Electric fittings in the twin bed room. There is no socket for charging cameras, mobiles, and laptops.


All rooms have the following amenities:

  • Big double door windows that welcome fresh air and sunrays
  • Windows have curtains ensuring privacy when the residents want
  • Electric bulbs that brighten up the rooms after sunset and before sunrise for limited hours: 18:00 – 23:00 and 05:00-06:00
  • Rug covered floors
  • Wooden ceilings without fans
  • Mattresses, bedsheets, fat blankets but they were unkempt and not very clean


Twin bed room in JK Tourist Bungalow at Rangdum in Kargil

September 12, 2017. Rangdoom. Twin bed room: broken bed lamp and a bed


A review of JK Tourist Bungalow at Rangdum in Kargil

September 12, 2017. Rangdoom. A pair of fat soft blankets for a good night’s sleep in a cold night


Alpine Hut + Nun Kun Canteen

The complex also has one alpine hut that does not have washrooms. Another common washroom is located in one of the corners of the hut. The hut has a few basic rooms.

Two Kargil boys run Nun Kun Canteen in the hut. The menu is very short and simple: cabbage sabji, rajma, white rotis, rice, maggi noodles, omelets, and tea. However, they sometimes allow courteous residents to cook something of their choice. Their one-showcase shop sells packed juices, chips, biscuits, toffees, and woolen accessories, including caps and hand gloves.

The canteen has more than one charging points. On request, the boys served hot water for morning chores and drinking free of cost.


2 Budget hotels in Rangdoom: JK Tourist Bungalow and Alpine Hut

September 13, 2017. Rangdoom. (L to R): JK Tourist Bungalow. Alpine Hut.


The complex has enough parking space to accommodate vehicles of the residents.


Just INR 400 per person, per day

Booking / Reservation

Book the room (s) in advance. Contact Department of Tourism and Tourist Reception Center located in the Main Market, Kargil.

The department may ask you to send a written booking request using snail mail, including speed post. So you need some extra time.

For the working phone numbers, check Kargil District’s official website, http://kargil.nic.in/tourism/tourism.html

Remember, you may not get the number in the first try. Try again. You will get the number sooner or later.

If rooms are available, walk-in guests may be accommodated.

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