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Indian Mountaineering Market 2010-14


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Indian Mountaineering Market 2014


2 Types of Foreign Expeditions to Indian Himalayas

Europeans organized highest number of mountaineering expeditions to Indian Himalayas in 2014

Analysis of foreign mountaineering expeditions to the Indian Himalayas in 2014 reveals a number of interesting facts: Foreign expedition rate was 2.4 expeditions per country. More than one third peaks attempted by foreigners were unnamed. Most of the foreign expeditions attempted only one peak per expedition. The mountaineers liked single-country ...
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Case Studies in Adventure Tourism

Bengali Mountaineers and Himachal Pradesh Dominated Domestic Mountaineering Market in 2014

Our analysis of the Indian mountaineering market indicates: Mountaineers from West Bengal attempted the maximum number of peaks in the Indian Himalayas during 2014.   Himachal Pradesh (HP) recorded the highest number of the expeditions.  The most preferred peak altitude ranged from 6,000 – 6,499 meters.  The number of 1-peak expeditions ...
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Indian Mountaineering Market 1980


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Everest Adventure Travel Package (ATP) Analysis: Suppliers’ Perspective



Download the full report (PDF, 1.35 MB)… The Everest product portfolio of KE Adventures is the broadest. Approximately 38% ATCs account for more than 68% ATPs. Most of the ATCs represent two to three main categories. A large portion of ATCs’ surveyed sells EBCTs and EODs. EODs and EBCTs are ...
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Appendix I: List of 45 ATCs

  Download the full report (PDF, 1.35 MB)… List of  Adventure Travel Companies (ATCs) Surveyed No. Company Name Company Country Main ATP Category Sub ATP Category Sub-Sub ATP Category Trip Name 1 Abercrombie & Kent United States of America EBCTs EBCT-Nepal Ascent to EBC 2 Absolute Adventure Trek Nepal EBCTs ...
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Download the full report (PDF, 1.35 MB)… The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) Marketing Strategy 2011-2016: The Great Himalaya Trail Development Programme (September 2011). Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation and Nepal Tourism Board. Heinrichs, Ann. (2010) Mount Everest. Marshall Cavendish Benchmark. China: Qomolangma. (December 2007) ...
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