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How to Prepare for Chadder Trek: Tips to Avoid AMS, HACO, HAPO

The Chadder Trek order also listed some tips for proper acclimatization and avoiding acute mountain sickness (AMS), high altitude cerebral edema (HACO), and high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPO). Let’s take a look: Move slowly from lower altitude to higher altitude. If you fly or drive rapidly to 2,500 meters or ...
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How to Prepare for Chadder Trek: What is High Altitude Visitors Health Questionnaire and Advisory Form?

The latest Chadder Trek order advises the trek organizers to ensure that the trekkers fill High Altitude Visitors Health Questionnaire and Advisory form and undergo a medical examination before starting the trek. Let’s take a look at the contents of the 2-part form. Part –I: To Be Filled and Signed ...
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How to Prepare for Chadder Trek: Mandatory Medical Examination

On January 24, 2018, Deputy Commissioner, Leh signed an order to introduce medical examination for trekkers wishing to go on Chadder Trek. Here are the contents of the order: Responsibility of Adventure Tour Operators All adventure tour operators shall take all the trekkers to Sonam Norbu Memorial (SNM) Hospital, Leh ...
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Himalayan Landforms Seen from Delhi-Leh Flight

6 Attractions along ATS W-39 Followed by Delhi-Leh Flight

Delhi-Leh flight, a destination in itself, follows air traffic service (ATS) route W-39. The route between 77 and 78 degrees of longitude passes over 4 Indian states: Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir. While covering aerial distance of about 856 kilometres, the aeroplane flies over the plains of ...
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Accommodation Alternatives in Alchi, Ladakh

Alchi village does not have many sleep options. But still, it has at least seven accommodations given the size of the village.  Alchi Resort Choskar Guesthouse and Camping Site Dil Dil Homestay Hotel Lower Ladakh Hotel Samdupling Potala Hotel and Restaurant Zimskhang Holiday Home Types of Rooms   The village mainly ...
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Upper Alchi in Ladakh, India

Upper Alchi in Ladakh

Upper Alchi in Ladakh is home to Drukling Monastery, Shangrong Lhakhang, and Tsatsapuri Monastery. None of these are frequented destinations despite the serene surroundings. But these historically important shrines tell stories of Buddhism. The walls of run-down shrines still have some old religious paintings drawn as per the Buddhist guidelines ...
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Manjushree Temple in Alchi, Jammu and Kashmir

Ancient Alchi in Leh

Alchi in Leh district is home to ancient religious art partly preserved in the Choskhor, Shangrong Lhakhang, and Tsatsapuri Monastery and modern hydro power engineering marvel, Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Project. Experience these heritage sites through our two photo stories: Ancient Alchi in Leh and Upper Alchi in Ladakh. Ancient Alchi ...
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How to Reach Alchi from Leh

Map Legend: Label N: Nimu Village, Label B: Basgo Village, Label S: Saspol Village, and Label A: Alchi Village Alchi village in Leh District, Jammu and Kashmir is about seventy kilometers to the west of Leh town. No airlines fly to the village. However, you still have four options to ...
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Confluence of Zanskar and Markha rivers near Chilling, Jammu and Kashmir

Zanskar and Markha Meet at Lama Guru in Chilling

July 15, 2014. Lama Guru near Chilling. (Foreground) Stone Mandals at Lama Guru, a memorial dedicated to Guru Padamsambhava worshipped by residents of Chilling. (Background) Confluence of the Zanskar (running almost parallel to the mandalas in the image) and its tributary, the Markha river (coming from the top in the ...
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2 boarding and lodging options in Chilling

You have only two options for boarding and lodging in Chilling located on the right bank of the Zaskar River that receives the Chilling Nullah near the entry point of the 8-house hamlet. The nullah is bridged. Camping There is a camping site in the village. During July, lush wheat ...
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3 Options for Traveling from Leh to Chilling

The Leh to Chilling road consists of a part of National Highway (NH) 1D and a village road. The section of NH1D runs along the Indus River. The village road walks along the Zanskar / Zaskar River. This drive thus takes you to the confluence of the two rivers near ...
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Leh-Chilling cycle ride

First Hour of Leh-Chilling Drive in Ladakh

On July 14, 2014, we hired a Maruti Van for a Leh-Chilling drive in Ladakh. The van window offered a perfect opportunity to capture the almost treeless house of the Zanskar River on camera because the skillful driver minimized jerks and drove at slow and steady pace. The 2-hour drive ...
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Should you walk the Gotsang Trail?

A Short Walk to Gotsang Monastery in Hemis

Hemis Monastery and its festival are very popular among the visitors. However, only a few know about the nearby walk. This short walk along the well-marked cemented path leads to Gotsang Monastery in Hemis. You can measure this path leading to a quiet pilgrimage site in Ladakh on your own ...
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16 Dakinis Perform Gilded Mask Dance during Hemis Festival

Photo: July 7, 2014. Hemis Festival, Ladakh. A group of sixteen dakinis performs the gilded mask dance around a religious pole. Sixteen dancers wearing copper / papier-mâché masks slowly move their bodies to match the traditional music tunes from Tibet. The dancers perform religious rituals to defeat evil spirits, to ...
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Black Hat Dance, Hemis Festival

Hemis Monastery Portrays Our World in Black Hat Dance

Photo: July 7, 2014. Hemis Monastery, Ladakh, India. A Black Hat dancer Nowadays, thirteen Janaka dancers perform Black Hat dance around religious objects in the Hemis Monastery during annual festival. However, in the olden times, it was a one-dancer performance. The dance, also known as tsamchot dance, commemorates Buddhism’s triumph ...
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Break after Hemis Festival Performance

A Tip to Enjoy Hemis Festival Performances

The Hemis Monastery presents multiple colorful performances during its two-day annual festival. Each performance is a complete story packed with messages. A brief preparatory pause separates some of the performances / chams.  Make use of these pauses. Take a break, nap… to enjoy each cham of the Hemis Festival. Have ...
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7 Points of Interests Visible from Leh Palace in Leh, Ladakh

7 Landmarks from Leh Palace, the Vantage Point

Many travelers opine why to waste money on entry tickets of the monuments and museums. But Leh Palace is a vantage point from where you can see and make pictures of seven landmarks while you are acclimatizing in Leh. Today’s photo essay shows you these landmarks as seen from the ...
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Ganglas Village in Leh

What to Do during Acclimatization Period in Leh? Visit Picturesque Ganglas

Acclimatization is necessary before exploring Ladakh. But acclimatization does not mean sitting idle. Roam around in Leh (3,452 meters).  For example, you can visit Ganglas / Gangles during acclimatization period in Leh, the entry point to Ladakh. Ganglas (3,800 meters), about 12 kilometers from Leh , sits by the side ...
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Vegetarian Chinese eateries in Leh

Check Out Changspa Road in Leh

Today I will take you to Changspa Road, a popular tourist location in Leh. The road is littered with travel service providers, including eateries, money exchangers, rooms, shops, and travel agents. Mentokling, one of the eateries, houses a small office of Indian Mountaineering Foundation. However, the nondescript road lacks sites ...
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Dances from Ladakh Festival, annual event held in Leh

Thali Dance: 5 Photos from Ladakh Festival

Young woman dancers from Kukshow (Koksho) village located in Shakar-Chiktan block in Kargil performed thali dance during Ladakh Festival 2013. They picked a simple daily use item, a deep food plate of metal, as a prop. The women sang and danced. They clapped the plates as if playing cymbols. The ...
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Stok Kangri

Phyang in Autumn

Phyang, a hamlet in Leh district, affords views of  the Ladakh (north) and Stok (south) ranges. The hamlet is home to Lotsawa Lhakhang and Phyang Monastery. Interestingly, Phyang does not have a common funeral ground.    Today we take you on a virtual tour of the village. Help: Click any image ...
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How to reach Phyang, Ladakh

You have four options: 1.-2. Public Buses and Shared Taxis Mini buses ply between Leh and Phyang. The first bus starts around 7:30 am from new bus stand. About forty-five-minute journey costs INR 30 per passenger. Shared taxis (Maruti Van that can accommodate eight people.) also charge the same amount of ...
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Where to Stay in Phyang, Leh District

The hotel scene in Phyang village located in Leh District is not at all encouraging. The village does not have hotels. You will find basic budget accommodations in guesthouses, home stays, and or camping sites. The bed count is also very limited. However, you will get a double room for ...
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Phayang Monastery in Phyang Village, Leh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

An Hour at Phyang Monastery

Phyang Monastery (Tashi Chhusung / Blue Peak) in Phyang village is dedicated to Dri-Gung-Pa sect, a sub division of Kargyupa (Red Hat) sect of the Tibetan Buddhism. The sixteenth century monastery on a spacious mound hosts an annual festival, Phyang Tseruk (Gang Sngon Tsedup), in July-August. During the festival, religious ...
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Pictures of Thiksay Monastery, a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh

Made in Thiksay (Part II)

This is the second and last part of virtual tour of Thiksay Monastery that doubles as an interesting vantage point. Click on any image to start the slideshow. The monastery terrace, a vantage point for 360 degree views Two different types of victory banners on the terrace Finial and victory ...
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A virtual tour of a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh

Made in Thiksay (Part I)

Thiksay Monastery, one of popular Buddhist monasteries in Leh, dominates Thiksay village. The landmark is a combination of aesthetics, history, and religion. This virtual tour will show you these three sides of the monastery. Click on an image to watch the slideshow. Shabby electricity poles and wires spoil the charm ...
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The Prajnaparamita Prayer Texts consisting of twenty volumes written in larger font by hand.

Thiksey Museum: The Tibetan Tales

Thiksey Museum is a mini repository of Tibetan culture. Click on any image to watch the slideshow. Thiksey Museum near main gate of the Thiksey Monastery (L – R) Entrance of the museum. The Tsongkhapa. Small damru (a handheld drum) (Top-Bottom) The crown worn in Peace Empowerment ceremony. A trumpet ...
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Dull dinners at Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksay

I had dinner at this well-maintained restaurant twice in July 2014. The food was fresh and clean. But the taste was just okay. The vegetables I ordered had small or large amount of cottage cheese, which was boring. This cheese obsession is common in India. I have observed that the ...
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