Are gifts a form of corruption?

Are gifts a form of corruption?

Every year gifts are exchanged in all parts of the world within the New Year week. The same ritual is still in progress.

But exchanging gifts is taxing in terms of both budget and moral.

Willing gift exchange among dear friends and relatives is a nice gesture.

However, giving gifts to an acquaintance or a complete stranger who holds a powerful post is definitely a form of corruption. The gift, big or small, an eatable or a durable good, is given with an expectation which may not be a positive one.

I think that the people who pelt stones and participate in other kind of noisy and violent protests against corruption should set their house in order by making small changes in their lives. For instance, they should not take and give gifts from / to the acquaintances and strangers holding powerful positions. A tiny step towards a corruption free world!


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