Mumbai Blasts are Offshoot of Intelligence Failure, Lack of Patriotism, Poor Moral Standards


Another incidence of serial blasts in Mumbai not only indicates intelligence failure, but also highlights low moral values and lack of patriotism. These attacks are just impossible without insiders’ support.

Why do terrorists outsmart our intelligence and security agencies most of the times? Because, we definitely have many black sheep-careless, dishonest and dissatisfied employees and greedy people who are ready to do anything for a quick buck- in our security network. And, there are no strict norms to fix the accountability in case of negligence of duty.

A strong belief (indeed it is a fact.) that no body can be suspended easily (or ever) after completing probation period in a government job prevails at all levels. Security agencies are no exception, as most of the security agencies are run by government. So, the employees of these agencies also have lackadaisical attitude.

Why should not government servants give the job their best shot when the government jobs give a lifetime security to earn bread and butter, and jam also in several cases?

Another important question is, “Why do people become criminals / terrorists and butcher citizens of their own country?”

For unemployment? or

Faulty upbringing that fails to inculcate spirit of patriotism and courage to live by time tested morals?

Or, both?

Each of us has a role to play in wiping out terrorism from our planet. We should not always look at others, including government, to protect ourselves. We can take small steps that will make a big difference in future.

Ensure that your family members do not participate in anti-national, anti-social and immoral activities. Instill confidence into and encourage your kids to solve the day-to-day problems without compromising on principles.

Money is essential for survival, but ensure that earning money should not become the sole goal of our lives.

Before joining any club, group, organization, etc., learn about its basic philosophy and weigh its pros cons.

Try to fight injustice instead of becoming its victim. I know it is easier said than done. But, we have to make a start from somewhere.

Remember a fact. Long lasting sweet success is a time-consuming process. Instant success makes your life short and shameful.

If you cannot provide for kids, do not produce them. Live by your means. Know and accept your and your land’s limitations.

Embrace the world instead of embracing just your “I” that does irreparable damage and creates inaccessible islands instead of integrating.

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