Why Should Woman Reach Home before Her Man?

In continuation of my last Monday’s blog post-Revolutionary Change…, I would like to share another biased tradition that is deeply ingrained in the minds of men.

On one winter morning, I was standing on my patio. It was very cold. Mist was partially embracing the sky and treetops. Most of the people were still resting in their beds thinking that it was night. A young couple was walking in the park facing my house. In fact, only a thin secondary street separates my house and the park. So, conversations taking place in the park reach to my house and all other nearby houses, especially during silent hours like this.

It was astonishing to hear that the husband was authoritatively telling her wife to join a job that ensured that she could return home before him. Probably to serve him high tea and listen her office woes.

By the way, why should not she get the same luxury when she comes home from the office? Actually, she should, because she is a human like him. She is sharing the economic burden of the man in today’s expensive and over ambitious world, where money is everything. Even if she is not sharing the burden, she is already sacrificing many things- her dreams and career- to make the family happy.  She may reach home late for many genuine reasons. Bus may arrive late. Traffic problems may increase commuting time. Some times, she may also like to hang out with colleagues and friends after office hours to enjoy gossip. What is wrong with it?

Why should woman always be at his beck and call?

Men feel that by putting all sorts of restrictions on women, they can justify their masculinity and superiority.

Why cannot men help themselves? Some times, they can even prepare high tea for their wives if they reach home early. Sharing is the essence of married life. Dictating the partner has no place in happy married life. Service is good. Service makes you humble. As it is commonly said, “kar seva aur kha meva”. 

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