First Commercial Issue of ABHA is Available on Magzter

Cover of First Commercial Issue of ABHA

We have released the first commercial issue of ABHA, a new magazine exclusively dedicated to the travels in the Himalayas. The acronym ABHA stands for About Best Himalayan Adventures. Twelve elaborate adventure photo features take you to three Indian Himalayan states: Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Action trips…

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18 Duties of Paragliding Permit Holders Operating in Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sports Rule 8, 2017 lists duties of the paragliding permit holders or paragliding operators. Let’s have a look at the duties: 1. Each operator shall have the following equipment before s/he is allowed to carry out paragliding activities:  (Rule 8) Flying equipment shall follow the…

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How to Prepare for Chadder Trek: Tips to Avoid AMS, HACO, HAPO

The Chadder Trek order also listed some tips for proper acclimatization and avoiding acute mountain sickness (AMS), high altitude cerebral edema (HACO), and high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPO). Let’s take a look: Move slowly from lower altitude to higher altitude. If you fly or drive rapidly to 2,500 meters or…

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