Nepal Bans 3 Types of Climbs in Himalayas

Nepal bans the following climbs in the Himalayas to minimize the accidents, thereby making mountaineering safer: 1. Solo climbs. For example, foreign mountaineers cannot attempt the peaks without a local guide. 2. Climbs by visually-impaired and blinds 3. Climbs by double amputees, persons whose hands and legs have been surgically…

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Adventure Tourism in 2017: Himachal Pradesh

Here is a recap of efforts made by Himachal Pradesh to give a push to tourism, especially adventure tourism in 2017. The state introduced adventure activity rules, defined time limits to register tourism units, notified appellate authorities for different tourism services, launched adventure tourism campaign… Browse the timeline to know …

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The Nehru’s: A Pleasant Place to Stay in Srinagar

Pictoral review of food served at Shangraf restaurant in Srinagar

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Cost Box Room Suite Tariff on European Plan (EP) basis: ₹3,500 per night for two persons, inclusive of taxes Note: The hotel took one day’s tariff in advance. Food Aloo Matter: ₹125 Channa Dal: ₹125 Dal Fry: ₹135 Green Salad: ₹90 Kashmiri Saag: ₹100 Nadroo Palak: ₹150 Paneer Bhurji: ₹180…

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4 Bottlenecks Plaguing Rafting Segment in Jammu Kashmir

Despite having numerous white water rivers, rafting segment in Jammu Kashmir performs poorly.  Why? Because of the following problems: No incentives No promotion, including advertisements No technical support At the starting and ending points along the white water sections of the rivers, basic amenities are missing. For example, toilets, changing…

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4 Problems Faced by Avalanche Rescuers

Rescuing avalanche victims is not an easy job. Let’s understand why it is difficult and risky. 1. Hard Snow After an avalanche caused the havoc, the snow becomes hard, very hard, that cannot be broken easily. Special skills are required to break this hard snow. 2. Poor Communication Network In…

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