Goecha La Trek with India Hikes: A Review

I trekked with India Hikes (IH) to the Goecha La View Point I from Yuksom during April-May, 2018. Quality of the amenities and services provided during the trek varied from average, good to very good. Amenities Sleeping bags were not clean. Some of them stank. Tents were good. Food Food ...
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Comments on Draft Sikkim Tourism Policy 2016

Adventure tourism, especially large-scale adventure tourism in the Himalayas, is vulnerable to fragile geological structure of the mountain. This very structure creates enviable adventure destinations. Smart planning is therefore required before unplanned adventure tourism forces a long-term closure of the challenging and scenic landscape for natural repair and recovery work ...
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When did Sikkim tourism become an industry?

Which Milestone Did Sikkim Tourism Achieve During 2002-07?

During 2002-07, the 10th Fiver Year Plan, the Sikkim Government granted industry status to the tourism sector. What is so big about it? The industry status may set a pace for healthy development and growth of the sector by facilitating: Accountability Minimum wage for the sector employees Organized business Policy ...
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4 Problems Plaguing Sikkim Adventure Tourism Segment

4 Reasons for Poor Performance of Sikkim Adventure Tourism Segment

Sikkim could not cash in on its adventure tourism attractions. In fact, the segment is slowly growing in a haphazard manner for the following reasons: Lack of long-term planning and vision for the segment Unprofessionalism Unhealthy competition Extremely asymmetrical concentration of the biz: Only a few adventure destinations draw majority ...
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3 major activities of the adventure tourism business in Sikkim

Which Are 3 Staple Products of Adventure Tourism Business in Sikkim?

3 principal products of the adventure tourism business in Sikkim are:           1. Trekking, the main source of revenue           2. Mountaineering           3. White water rafting However, these products registered slow growth despite huge potential. Despite opening three more peaks for alpine expeditions in 2005 to expand mountaineering inventory, growth is still ...
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An overview of Sikkim Tourism Development plan and policies

Sikkim Tourism Development Guidelines: A Chronology

Almost two decades ago Sikkim started preparing tourism development guidelines and strategies for sustainable high quality tourism. However, the first comprehensive state tourism policy was published in 2010. Today’s timeline introduces you to different guidelines prepared by public and private sectors for Sikkim tourism development.   Watch the timeline to learn ...
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Photography fee for Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim

Cost of Photographing Khangchendzonga National Park

The Khangchendzonga National Park (KNP), located in Sikkim, was inscribed on the World Heritage Sites’ list by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in July 2016. The park, covering one fourth of the State, is home to Mount Khangchendzonga, the 3rd tallest peak in the world. KNP ...
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IHCAE Conducts Adventure Activity Courses in Sikkim Himalayas

I have been frequently asked about Sikkim-based government institutes offering mountaineering and other adventure activity courses.  I have earlier talked about the Sonam Gyatso Mountaineering Institute (S.G.M.I.) located in Gangtok. However, this institute does not cater to individual requests. But do not worry! The state tourism department built Indian Himalayan ...
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Ambitious Paragliding Plan of Sikkim

  In the first week of February 2014, Sikkim, a small state in the Indian Himalayas, surpassed its bigger counter parts in sanitation. The state achieved more than 100% sanitation in both urban and rural regions as part of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan program of the Union Ministry of Drinking Water ...
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Where is Chaurigang?

Chaurigang / Chaunrikhiang / Chaunrikhang / Chowrikhang / Chaurikhang  Chaurigang (about 4,380 meters / 14,450 feet), a meadow located at the snout of East Rathong Glacier in West Sikkim, India, receives good amount of snow. The meadow lends itself to the views of imposing bare and snow-clad peaks of the ...
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Trek Royalty in Sikkim

Sikkim Levies Trek Royalty

The Sikkim Government levies royalty even on trekking expeditions to the state. As of 2010, the trekking royalty follows: The alpine trek royalty amounts to US$ 200.00 for a 5-10 member foreign team, US$ 300.00 for an 11-15 member team and US$ 400.00 for a 16-20 member team. The royalty ...
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Pick your peak for alpine-style expedition

Many mountaineers prefer alpine style climbing expeditions. If you are one of those, the peaks with an altitude of approximately 6,000 meters in the Sikkim Himalaya welcome you. You can choose from the following five alpine peaks that have been graded to give an idea about challenges involved: Brumkhangse: 5,635 ...
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Hike in charges levied on Sikkim forest facilities

Do you wish to visit reserve forests located in Sikkim? Yes! It has a cost. Recently, the Sikkim Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department (Gangtok) revised and increased the fee to use facilities available in the reserve forests. Take into account the following while budgeting: As per notification (October 2010) ...
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To scale Himalayan peaks, train in Sikkim

You can train at the Sonam Gyatso Mountaineering Institute (S.G.M.I.), located in Gangtok, Sikkim, to be a mountaineer.  The institute, set up in 1963, organizes different adventure courses, including Basic Mountaineering Course (B.M.C.). The institute has trained several noted mountaineers, such as Sonam Gyatso, Phu Dorjee and Yangdi Sherpa. The ...
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