ADB loans for community based tourism development in Kangra

ADB loans for community based tourism development in Kangra

Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Himachal Pradesh received two loans from Asian Development Bank (ADB) for community based tourism development in Kangra District: (1) Nagrota Suriyan Cluster (US$ 155,782.38) (2) Dhameta Cluster (US$ 106,247.50).  Both the loans were awarded under Infrastructure Development Investment Program for Tourism (IDIPT) in October 2014.

Relocation of Bagdogra Airport

Relocation of Bagdogra Airport

In the last week of July 2015, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) proposed relocating Bagdogra Airport in Darjeeling (West Bengal) to Purnea (Bihar). Purnea is more than 150 kilometers away from Bagdogra. The authority also discussed the idea of shifting the airport with the Indian Air Force (IAF).

4 Reasons to relocate Bagdogra Airport

AAI cited the following reasons for the airport relocation:

  1. Installation of new Instrumental Landing System (ILS) for night landing requires a huge piece of land within the airport complex.
  2. The terminal expansion and residential quarter projects also need another big piece of land.
  3. These expansions are the need of hour because the number of passengers using the airport has soared substantially.
  4. Previous Gonsainpur land deal did not materialize, thereby delaying and hampering the expansion.

Impact of relocation

The shifting would have direct impact on tourism in Darjeeling and Sikkim and local economy.

Public reaction, Inc. started a petition to prevent the relocation.

Adventure Tourism Products from Jammu and Kashmir

This winter Jammu and Kashmir hosted different events to promote tourism and lengthen the tourist season. For example, Gulmarg hosted National Ski and Snowboarding Championship and Snow Fiesta in February 2014. Pahalgam organized a snow festival, whereas a number of tourism stakeholders reviewed arrangements for the upcoming pilgrimage season.

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More peaks in Ladakh welcome climbers, trekkers

More peaks in Ladakh welcome climbers, trekkers

The Government of India (GoI) opened over one hundred more mountain peaks in Ladakh region, which were earlier in restricted area. All the opened peaks are either located on Indo-Chinese border or on the border between Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir (POK) andIndia. The opened peaks include

  1. Lalung-I (6243m), II (6157 meters) and III (6126 meters),
  2. Kangyassay I (6401 meters),
  3. Kangyarrag (6210 meters),
  4. Hagshu-I (6515 meters),
  5. Chiling- I (6349 meters) and II (6253 meters),
  6. Shafat-I (6800 meters), -II (6302 meters), and -III (6155 meters),
  7. Photoksar (6080 meters),
  8. Techafarka (6495 meters),
  9. Lingsarmo (6955 meters),
  10. Teram Kangri-I, II and III,
  11. Ghaint I and II,
  12. Apsaras I, II and III.

For scaling these peaks, permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) is sufficient, but the Army-approved routes should only be followed and a liaison officer must accompany the expedition. Like earlier, permission from home and defense ministries are not required.



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