Expedition Wise Success Rate in Mountaineering during 2010-14

Status of All Mountaineering Expeditions during 2010-14: Foreign vs. Indian

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine | Nov-Dec 2015 | Contents In the half decade, slightly more than half of expeditions (247 | 50.31%) were successful, i.e. mountaineers climbed the summit of the peak. Twenty-five (25 | 5.09%) expeditions that attempted more than one peak in an expedition recorded success on a peak…

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Preferred Peak Climbing Season for Himalayas

Climbing Season in Himalayas during 2010-14

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine | Nov-Dec 2015 | Contents While analysing Indian mountaineering data of five years (2010-14), I observed that the activity concentration was maximum in July-October. But actually climbing season began in April. And even two expeditions started as early as February and March.     3 Popular…

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Length of Himalayan Mountaineering Holidays

State Wise Average Duration Per Year

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine | Nov-Dec 2015 | Contents Actual length of the Himalayan mountaineering holidays varied from four (4) to sixty-seven (67) days during the study period spanning from 2010 to 2014. To make this vast range more comprehensible, I have calculated an average duration. But surprisingly, I did…

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