Measures to Make Everest Safe Place for Mountaineers

Have you ever imagined renting the peaks of the Himalayas? Nepal is thinking to lease some peaks to private companies. In March 2014, Nepal also mooted other ideas to make Mount Everest a clean and safe place for mountaineers from different parts of the world: ban on solo climbs, new waste disposal rule, installation of a ladder near Hillary Step, and separate ropes for both ascending and descending mountaineers.

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Climbing / Trekking Porter Rules

Climbing / Trekking Porter Rules

Last Wednesday, we reviewed the Himachal Pradesh Climbing/Trekking Porters (Regulation of Employment) Act, 1977. Today, we will review related rules, which are known as “the Himachal Pradesh Climbing/Trekking Porters (Regulation of Employment) Rules, 1981.”

According to the rules, the climbing / trekking team shall take permission of the Mountaineering Institute, Manali to climb and / or trek within Himachal Pradesh.

The team shall hire registered porters for the expedition. Porter registration certificate is valid for one year only. Refer to page no. 7 of the rules for a sample of Porter Identity Card.

The team shall buy insurance cover for the porters. The insurance must cover compensation, evacuation, exigencies, hospitalization… Read the full climbing/trekking porters rules  at  




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