How much profit can adventure travel companies earn from snowfall in Himalayas?

Weather influences adventure activities, tourist flow, and adventure tourism revenues and margins during winter tourism season in the Himalayas.

Risk is a synonym of adventure travel and tourism. The risk is the attraction (challenge) that an adventure tourist try to visit (overcome) during the vacation. The snow based adventure activities are not for everyone. Thus, the market is small. A small market can generate limited revenue and profit.

If we are able to develop weather-proof eco-friendly electricity, transport, and water systems in the Himalayas, the mountains may draw more tourists, especially looking for soft adventure activities. Then only adventure travel companies can earn higher profits.

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Adventure Travel Startups Emphasize on Local

Are new IT-savvy adventure travel entrepreneurs trying to kill employment opportunities for professional tour guides by developing platforms facilitating direct interaction between travelers and locals? As loads of free online user generated travel guides and crowd sourced travel information websites have already compelled traditional travel guide publishers to revamp their business models.

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