Upper Alchi in Ladakh

Upper Alchi in Ladakh, India

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Upper Alchi in Ladakh is home to Drukling Monastery, Shangrong Lhakhang, and Tsatsapuri Monastery. None of these are frequented destinations despite the serene surroundings. But these historically important shrines tell stories of Buddhism. The walls of run-down shrines still have some old religious paintings drawn as per the Buddhist guidelines.…

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Ancient Alchi in Leh

Manjushree Temple in Alchi, Jammu and Kashmir

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Alchi in Leh district is home to ancient religious art partly preserved in the Choskhor, Shangrong Lhakhang, and Tsatsapuri Monastery and modern hydro power engineering marvel, Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Project. Experience these heritage sites through our two photo stories: Ancient Alchi in Leh and Upper Alchi in Ladakh. Ancient Alchi…

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How to Reach Alchi from Leh

Are you planning to visit Alchi, a famous attraction on the Indus River in Leh District, Jammu Kashmir, India? Yes! You have four options to travel to Alchi from Leh: (1) boarding a mini public bus, (2) cycling, (3) self-driving, and (4) hiring a taxi.

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A Day in Alchi

About seventy-kilometer from Leh town, Alchi village hidden within brown mountains is home to Buddhist temples, a hydropower project, and lovely views. You will at least need one full day inclusive of return journey of four hours to explore all five attractions of the village.

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