Old vs New 500 Rupee Banknote

Although the old 500 rupee banknote seized to be a legal tender, look at both the notes for better understanding of the local currency and reducing chances of getting cheated. Here is a comparison of old and new 500 rupee banknotes:            

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How to Distinguish between New and Old 50 Rupee Banknotes

Obverse of New 50 Rupee Banknote

Recently, India introduced new banknotes in denomination of fifty (50). However, the old banknote of fifty rupees still a legal tender. So, you have two types of the banknotes with the same denomination. Let’s have a look at the both and learn about the respective security features:   Features Old…

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A Rs. 2000 Note Can Buy You 20 Simple Meals

Rs 2000 Note, India

The new Indian Rs. 2,000 note may not pass a graphic design test because of ignoring the basic principles. For example, the note has too many fonts and misaligned elements. The basic layout grid is missing. Poor color choice…   Aesthetics may be missing but it can buy you simple…

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Where can I stay in the Indian Himalayas?

  India accounts for more than seventy percent of the loftiest and youngest mountain range, the Himalayas. Accommodation choices in the Indian Himalayas, however, do not match its size and area. You can find ten different types of accommodations in the Indian Himalayas. All types of lodging, however, may not…

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6 simple safety tips for solo travelers

    Yesterday’s gang rape of a tourist in Manali, Himachal Pradesh is an unfortunate incidence. We sympathize with her and hope that the police would appropriately punish the culprits. To avoid the life-shattering experiences, we would like to share the following safety tips with solo travelers: No lift from…

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