Hemis Monastery Portrays Our World in Black Hat Dance

Black Hat Dance, Hemis Festival

Photo: July 7, 2014. Hemis Monastery, Ladakh, India. A Black Hat dancer       Nowadays, thirteen Janaka dancers perform Black Hat dance around religious objects in the Hemis Monastery during annual festival. However, in the olden times, it was a one-dancer performance. The dance, also known as tsamchot dance,…

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Grass and Jute Souvenirs from Chandigarh National Crafts’ Fair

What to shop at Chandigarh National Crafts' Fair

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Chandigarh hosts the National Crafts’ Fair every year. The event showcases crafts from across the country. Many of these boast personality of unique traditional souvenirs. For example, figures crafted from grasses and jute. These figures exude Indianness. Each figure uses homegrown material, grasses (bamboo, cane…) and jute. Each figure is…

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A Tip to Enjoy Hemis Festival Performances

Break after Hemis Festival Performance

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The Hemis Monastery presents multiple colorful performances during its two-day annual festival. Each performance is a complete story packed with messages. A brief preparatory pause separates some of the performances / chams.  Make use of these pauses. Take a break, nap… to enjoy each cham of the Hemis Festival. Have…

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A Musical Moment from Hemis Festival Hosted by Hemis Monastery

A musical beginning of the Hemis Festival in Ladakh

Monks play dughchen trumpets at the Hemis Festival.


Hemis Monastery hosts a colorful festival every year in July. This year again the monastery and its rocky brown dun environs will reverberate with traditional music. Bright bold costumes of the performers will add color to the barren environs on July 3-4 during Hemis Festival. Monks give a traditional musical welcome to each group of performers who tell philosophical, religious, or spiritual stories from the world of Buddhism. Do not be surprised if you observe some light moments during serious cham performances.


Closing Cham of Hemis Festival: A Photo Story

Images from the last cham of Hemis Festival

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The last cham of the Hemis Festival in Ladakh was entirely different from the previous chams, the mask dances loaded with philosophy, spirituality, and religion. The last cham, performed at the Hemis Monastery on July 8, 2014, showcased an interaction between Smiling Buddha and his young carefree disciples. Have a look at it yourself.…

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Thali Dance: 5 Photos from Ladakh Festival

Dances from Ladakh Festival, annual event held in Leh

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Young woman dancers from Kukshow (Koksho) village located in Shakar-Chiktan block in Kargil performed thali dance during Ladakh Festival 2013. They picked a simple daily use item, a deep food plate of metal, as a prop. The women sang and danced. They clapped the plates as if playing cymbols. The…

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