Is $1 for a 500-word Article Fair Rate of Payment?

Is $1 for a 500-word Article Fair Rate of Payment?

To cash in on cheap labor is perhaps a right of every businessman and businesswoman but paltry sum (e.g. $1 for a 500-word article) offered as compensation is unfair. Especially, in case of writing as it requires lots of time to search facts, think a new slant and write and rewrite before generating the final copy. One more thing, writing is not like mathematics where 2 + 2 is always four. In fact, an original 500-word article free of grammatical errors requires at least three hours if the topic is simple.

Original Sample Vs Published Sample

Original Sample Vs Published Sample

Why employers, especially website owners, demand an original sample from prospective freelance writers instead of published samples?

Through one advertisement they collect hundreds of original samples for free. With these samples one website can easily be built. Is it fair?

Interview vs. Writing Samples

Interview vs. Writing Samples

Many employers demand fresh writing samples (up to five) from both amateur and experienced writers for considering their writing job applications. However, this practice is unfair for two main reasons.

  1. Prospective employers may receive scores of fresh samples from needy writers. The large number of samples received is sufficient to build a complete website without spending even a single penny.
  2. In case of experience writers, published writing samples reveal both writing abilities and flaws of the likely employees.

Some employers claim that fresh writing samples in lieu of interview are justifiable but the catch is interview cannot be sold whereas fresh writing samples can be used to earn money without compensating the writer.

Virtual Diaries, Blogs: A Key to Consumer Behavior

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Reading revitalizes resources

  Reading revitalizes resources, including idea generation capabilities and writing skills. The British Council Library (BCL), India has made reading more affordable and convenient. The library gives access to over 70,000 online books and a rich repository of hard copy of books that can be borrowed from its local branches…

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Can WWW exist without writers and artists’ help?

Can WWW exist without writers and artists’ help?


Can World Wide Web (WWW) exist without the help of writers and artists?

I don’t think so.

Because software coders and web technologists use written words to communicate with the computers, laptops and ipods besides machine language of 0 and 1.

Professional writers create all software and web application manuals without which information technology (IT) will be incomprehensible, thereby becoming useless.

Technology is hidden behind the web pages. Web users read the information and data available on the websites. They browse through maps and pictures. Thus, “face” of the IT is useful, up dated web pages that cannot be created without the help of artists and writers.

Had there been no writers and artists, there would not have over one trillion unique URLs on the web. In fact, there would have not even one of these websites.

Technology and writing skills are interdependent. They complement each other.

Then, why website owners think that services of technologists are superior to that of writers and artists?

Why technologists are paid a fortune, whereas writers get peanuts?

Are writers not human? don’t they need money to survive?

 Are writers not human? Don’t they need money to survive?

Unfortunately, website owners believe that writers are machines and can mass produce write-ups in no time.

That is why they offer INR 5/- for a 100-word write up. ( )

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