7 Interesting Facts about Himalaya

If you are reading and viewing TO ABHA, you must be smitten by the Himalaya and may like to know more and more about it. Here are a few interesting facts about the range that you may not know or may have forgotten: Mountain with Multiple Citizenship The Himalaya is…

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Do Himalayas Have Competition?

Not yet! But the mountaineers draw a parallel between the Himalayas (Asia) and the mountains of Kluane National Park, the Himalayas of Canada (Canada’s Himalayas). The Orient compares beauty of the Himalayas with its shorter and older cousin Alps to attract tourists and travelers. For example, many places in the…

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Difference among ascent, height gain, and height difference

  Like change in mood and season, change in altitude that is common in the Himalayas affects all type of activities, including trekking and cooking.  A steep increase in height, for instance, affects speed of trekking. At high altitude, cooking takes longer because of low pressure and temperature. Planning hikes…

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Periphery of Pir Panjal

Pir Panjal Range, Himalayas

    The word “Pir Panjal” means “Saint’s Mountain.” The Pir Panjal Range, running from north west to south east in North India, stretches between the Kishan Ganga Gorge in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and Deo Tibba in Himachal Pradesh (H.P.). One of the principal ranges of the lofty Himalaya,…

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What is High Altitude?

What is High Altitude?



Mountains are about attitude and altitude, especially high altitude. Right attitude is necessary for survival in the lofty abodes of rock and snow. With altitude, “attitude” will change if you do not acclimatize well and if you are not fit enough.

But, what is high altitude? High altitude starts from 2,438 meters on the altitude scale comprising three categories:

High altitude: 2,438 -3,658 meters (8,000 -12,000 feet)

Very high altitude: 3,658 -5,487 meters (12,000 -18,000 feet)

Extremely high altitude: 5,500+ meters (18,000+ feet)