44 Indian Himalayan Peaks Attempted Once in 2016

44 Indian Himalayan Peaks Attempted Once in 2016

Indian mountaineers attempted just 18.84% (52) of available mountain peaks in 2016. Out of these Indian Himalayan peaks, they attempted 84.61% (44) just once. Here is the graphic list of these peaks scattered in four Indian Himalayan states. Data Source: Indian Mountaineer, an annual publication of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation…

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9 West Bengal Cities Organized Mountaineering Trips in 2016

9 Mountaineering expedition organizing cities of West Bengal

Only nine (9) cities scattered in six districts of West Bengal organized mountaineering trips in 2016. Among these cities, Kolkata accounted for the highest share (65.52% | 19). Asansol and Ishapore, accounting for equal number of the trips, 2 (6.90%) each, shared the second slot. Each of the remaining seven…

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6 West Bengal Districts that Organized Mountaineering Trips in 2016

6 Mountaineering expedition organizing districts of West Bengal

West Bengal organized fifty percent (50%) of total Indian mountaineering expeditions in 2016. All these originated from just six districts (26.09%) of the state. Even among these six districts the distribution of mountaineering trips was lopsided. For example, 65.52% (19) expeditions originated from Kolkata district and 13.79% (4) from North…

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West Bengal is Top Mountaineering Expedition Organizing Indian State

Top Indian Mountaineer States

Only 30% (9) of total Indian states (30) organized mountaineering expeditions in 2016.  West Bengal organized half (29) of total fifty-eight (58) expeditions. Maharashtra stood second (6 | 10.34%), followed by Uttarakhand (5 | 8.62%). Himachal Pradesh organized just two expeditions. Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Telangana…

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Who Led Indian Mountaineering Expeditions in 2016?

Leaders of Indian mountaineering expeditions

In 2016, both men and women led Indian mountaineering expeditions. However, men led more than 96% of the expeditions and women led less than 4%. Here is the infographic, Indian Mountaineering Expedition Leaders in 2016: A Gender Analysis, showing this very lopsided distribution of leadership roles between the genders:  …

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Is There a Shortage of Open Mountain Peaks in Himalayas?

Uttarakhand (UK): Available Peaks vs Peaks Attempted by Indian Mountaineers in 2016

Mountain peaks are lucky because their wide waistlines are not a cause of concern. But being a petite peak is a curse in the world that always emphasizes on vertical dimensions. And, a “small inventory” of open peaks also annoys many climbers. However, the numbers tell a different story. Out…

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The Year 2015 for Himalayan Peaks in India

96 Unique Himalayan Peaks Attempted in 2015

How was the year 2015 for the Himalayan Peaks in India? Mood for mountaineering was upbeat in the year.  Read and browse the graphs. 96 Peaks   Here is the state wise list of 96 unique peaks attempted in 2015: Data Source: Data is collected from various issues of Indian Mountaineer,…

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Terrific Mountaineering Traffic to Indian Himalayas in 2015

Share of Indian Himalayan Peak Providing States in Total Mountaineering Traffic in 2015

Share of Different Types of Mountaineering Traffic Share of Indian Himalayan Peak Providing States in Total Mountaineering Traffic   Himachal Pradesh (HP) recorded the highest number of expeditions (34.07% | 46) in 2015. Its neighboring states competed for the second place. The eastern neighbor Uttarakhand accounted for 31.85% (43) of…

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