A Mini Biography of Mountaineering

Mountaineering Education

Mountaineering, the great game with death, has progressed tremendously all over the world. It has made great strides in equipment and techniques. Mountaineering, an activity which was considered ludicrous once and was undertaken by a very limited number of demented souls, is now being accepted and valued by the majority…

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When did mountaineers set up their camps in Indian Himalayas in 1980?

Months preferrred by foreign mountaineers to start and end Indian Himalayan expeditions in 1980

Foreign and local climbers made different season choices in 1980: Foreign climbers preferred July-October for mountaineering expeditions. Indians preferred May-June and September-October. Indian climbers began and ended their expeditions to the Sikkim Himalaya in April, May, and October. Foreigners did not climb in Sikkim.   Preferred months to start expeditions  …

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Foreign mountaineering expeditions skipped Sikkim, Indians attempted 6 peaks

In 1980, Indian mountaineering expeditions attempted sixty-one (61) peaks in the Indian Himalayas, whereas foreign expeditions attempted seventy-two (72) peaks. Only three (3) peaks were attempted by both foreign and Indian expeditions: Hanuman Tibba (Himachal Pradesh), Kedarnath Dome (Uttar Pradesh / Uttarakhand), and Mrigthuni (Uttar Pradesh / Uttarakhand).   Besides…

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