Highlights of Adi Chamunda Temple Trail: Attractions and Facilities

How wool is collected from sheep

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Adi Chamunda Temple Trail  gives an opportunity to enjoy natural beauties, including delicate flowers and big birds, and closely observe summer lifestyle of shepherds, including their relationship with their flock of sheep and goat. Today’s photo essay presents highlights from the trail. The highlights are divided into four categories: Attractions,…

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A Short Walk to Anjani Mahadev from Solang

Reasons to walk Anjani trail

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A shrine that does not accept physical and monetary offerings from the visitors is unusually clean, but not calm. Because the visitors come to Anjani Mahadev on foot, horses, or modern polluting Powersports 4-wheelers even during autumn when it’s partly brown and partly green. Some thrill seekers, especially snow lovers,…

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Trek to Maldaru Lake, A Wetland in Uttarakhand

The trail sits in lush ambience consisting of meadows and forests that cannot survive without the touch of icy streams that are tricky to cross. But not all. Some of the stream sections are spanned with bridges.  The meadows spray wild flower fragrance on the trail. The ridges afford views…

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A Race to Bedni on Long Weekend

Bedni is the last destination for short annual Nanda Raj Jat that starts from Kurad in August. The meadow dresses up in a virgin white dress during winter. The bugyal is also one of the main stopovers of long Nanda Raj Jat that takes place once in twelve years.

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Day hike to Dhankar Lake

    Where to travel In Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, badlands make a backdrop to small Dhankar Village dotted with flat-roofed white houses. Terraced fields that are cropped during spring and summer seasons perk up the landscape. The age-old monastery complex and the fort overlooking the main route followed by the…

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Ramble the forest trail leading to Triund

  (Note: 1 — to Dharamkot; 2 – to Triund; 3 – to Dal Lake)   Where to travel  About 20-kilometer McLeodganj-Triund-McLeodganj hike in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh (India) takes you closer to the snow line and atypical Himalayan landscape. The most interesting thing is that you can walk the well-marked…

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Trek to Sidh Peeth Adi Himani Chamunda Temple

Where to travel The trek to Sidh Peeth Adi Himani Chamunda (Old Chamunda) Temple (about 3,180 meters / 10,500 feet) is a seasonal ritual for local shepherds, whereas a difficult trek for the people from the plains. But the reward is superb: The Himalayan solitude, View of the Talang Pass, The…

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