Mandi to Chandigarh: Review of Ordinary HRTC Bus

Which type of beverages will I get along HRTC Mandi-Chandigarh bus route?

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The non-AC ordinary bus by HRTC connecting Mandi to Chandigarh is about 43% cheaper than the Himsutra bus. A seat in the ordinary bus costs just INR 293. The pocket friendly convenient bus starts at 06:30 am from Mandi Bus Sand. Online booking service is available for both the buses.…

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Raj Mahal Hotel in Mandi: A Standard Room Review

Which type of bed and entertainment amenities are provided in standard room of Raj Mahal Hotel in Mandi?

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Raj Mahal Hotel, a centrally located mid-end hotel in Mandi, is a neighbor and competitor of The Regent Palms. I paid at the rate of INR 1,606 per person, per night, inclusive of luxury tax (10%) and service tax (8.70%) for a standard room in Raj on March 27, 2017.…

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Divine Guest List of Shivratri Fair, Mandi

Pictures of Shivratri Fair that takes place in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

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The four-century old Shivratri fair always has a long divine guest list. The annual fair happens in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh during February-March. The fair begins with the arrival of Kamrunag devta (deity) in Mandi town. Then a stream of hill deities reaches Mandi. Almost all the deities pay a visit…

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A Mixed Day Tour of Mandi

Clock Tower, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

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Where to travel This short mixed tour of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh features both religious and secular attractions. Within easy walking distance, the architecture changes from the Indian to the European, showing a stark contrast in philosophies representing different periods of the history. The color scheme of the attractions changes…

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5 indispensable tips to hire auto rickshaw in Mandi

An auto rickshaw stand near Seri Munch in Mandi

    You may call a pink radio auto rickshaw (locally called auto) over phone in Chandigarh but the service is non-existent in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Fear not because you have reasons to smile. This small inconvenience saves money and ensures flexibility, as the radio auto generally charges more than…

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3 vantage points to enjoy panoramas of Mandi

Mandi town from Dhangsi Dhar in Himachal Pradesh

  Where to travel Bhuili, Dhangsi Dhar (ridge) and Tarna Hill, the three viewpoints lend themselves to the panoramas of Mandi Town (Himachal Pradesh) and its neighborhood. These public places are easily accessible on foot and / or by auto rickshaws. We suggest that you should accept challenge of the…

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Leisure, photography, police at ASI monuments in Mandi

Triloknath Temple in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

    We visited Triloknath Temple (Mandi, Himachal Pradesh) on March 9, 2013. A huge electricity transformer in front of the temple gate was an eyesore. Unlike other temples, prayer (puja) was not in progress and there were hardly any devotees. The clean temple was guarded by police personnel to…

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Day tour of 3 protected monuments in Mandi

  Where to travel What to do this weekend? Visit Mandi, the town of many temples in Himachal Pradesh, and explore its richly carved three protected monuments. Triloknath and Panchvaktra temples are located on the opposite banks of the Beas River. Both the temples are dedicated to different forms of…

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