Aptitude Test for Adventure Travel Escort Course

The aptitude test, a prerequisite for joining Adventure Travel Escort Course (A.T.E.C.), can be answered in either English or Hindi. The participants have to answer in given space only. They cannot ask for an additional sheet. The test has three sections: Participant details: Name, Father’s Name, Address, State, and Pincode.…

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5 FAQs about Adventure Travel Escort Course

Q1. What is Adventure Travel Escort Course (A.T.E.C.)? The 15-day course prepares youth for jobs in the adventure travel and tourism segment.     Q2. What is the aim of the course? Create professional workforce. The course is proposed under Capacity Building for Service Providers (C.B.S.P.) scheme of the Ministry of…

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A Mini Biography of Mountaineering

Mountaineering Education

Mountaineering, the great game with death, has progressed tremendously all over the world. It has made great strides in equipment and techniques. Mountaineering, an activity which was considered ludicrous once and was undertaken by a very limited number of demented souls, is now being accepted and valued by the majority…

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