An Opportunity for Expedition Leaders to Learn and Hone Their Skills

Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) plans to conduct a high altitude medical expedition during May-June 2017 to train mountaineers and trekkers in expedition first aid, health care, leadership, life support techniques, medicine, and rescue. So that expedition leaders can protect the injured and affected parties until professional medical help reaches the…

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How to Get Grade A in Basic Mountaineering Course

Tips to Get Grade A in Basic Mountaineering Course

One of my readers* wants to know how he can get grade A in Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC). Here are my suggestions and insider tips for him and other aspiring mountaineers. (* I have deleted reader’s name on his request. The reader does not want unnecessary publicity.) The first prerequisites…

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How Do Mountain Peaks Get Names?

Survey of India decides the names for the peaks located in the Indian Himalayas.

Survey of India decides the names for the peaks located in the Indian Himalayas. The peak christening is however a time consuming process. The first successful mountaineering team on a virgin peak is generally allowed to suggest a name for the peak. The maiden summiteers usually name the peaks after…

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Definitions of Mountaineering

2 Different Definitions of Mountaineering

The word mountaineering means an activity or a sport of mountain climbing. Mountaineering is a non-consumption physical activity that requires mental and physical endurance and stamina and shrewdness. Mountaineering means visiting high spots in mountainous regions lying beyond snowline purely for pleasure or pastime. Since these regions are subject to…

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IHCAE Conducts Adventure Activity Courses in Sikkim Himalayas

I have been frequently asked about Sikkim-based government institutes offering mountaineering and other adventure activity courses.  I have earlier talked about the Sonam Gyatso Mountaineering Institute (S.G.M.I.) located in Gangtok. However, this institute does not cater to individual requests. But do not worry! The state tourism department built Indian Himalayan…

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Types of Mountaineering Peaks

Types of mountaineering peaks

Mountaineering is not a rare holiday activity anymore because of three reasons:   Faster easier access to the mountains and related information Various training options Availability of relatively cheaper gear   Peaks now-a-days are therefore not out of bounds of common persons. The mountainous countries have realized commercial value of…

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What is a peak?

  According to Nepal Mountaineering Association (N.M.A.), a peak refers to a mountain that satisfies the following two conditions: The mountain has a unique route to the summit, which means the route is not shared with other peaks. The col distance between the two mountains is at least 500 meters.…

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The fastest way to Everest region is fraught with risks

    If you are time-strapped or looking for the fastest way to the Everest Region in Eastern Nepal, Agni and Yeti airlines fly between Kathmandu and Lukla, the gateway to the home of the loftiest peak. This less than an hour’s flight is however quite risky or “adventurous.” Accidents…

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Where is Chaurigang?

  Chaurigang / Chaunrikhiang / Chaunrikhang / Chowrikhang / Chaurikhang  Chaurigang (about 4,380 meters / 14,450 feet), a meadow located at the snout of East Rathong Glacier in West Sikkim, India, receives good amount of snow. The meadow lends itself to the views of imposing bare and snow-clad peaks of…

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