Surnames don’t ensure national integration

Surnames don’t ensure national integration

A battalion of Himachal Pradesh Police


Do not worry if you do not write your surname.

Because some rule makers and implementers have realized that surname causes a rift among men and women in khaki. In June 2011, the Himachal Pradesh Police Department issued a circular to get rid of surnames to enhance cohesiveness in the force. The personnel were advised (1) not to mention their caste and surnames in the semi official and official documents for better team spirit, (2) encourage their subordinates to do the same, and (3) address each other with first name only.

It is better late than never. I am happy that top brasses have started thinking about an issue that contributes to inequality based on the names. All people who have been troubled for not using the surname should make note of this historic proposal and refer to whenever required, avoiding conflicts.

Even Kerala and Tamil Nadu police departments are planning to follow suit. However, it is ironical that a caste census was conducted during the Census of India 2011. Probably for political reasons, as caste has always been used for vote bank politics.


Do you write your name differently?

  All of us have “unique” names, because names give us an identity. Generally, naming conventions depend on the place of your birth, or the community of your parents. In India, some people write their family (father’s surname) name followed by the first name. Some people use the caste name…

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