Why Should You Go on Leh-Manali Self-Driving Trip?

On the 2nd day of Leh-Manali self-driving trip, the road winds through Himachal Pradesh.

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In “Should You Do Leh-Manali Trip by Bus or on Your Bike?” I briefly talked about advantages and disadvantages of the bus and bike trips. Today I add one or two new arguments in the favor of a Leh-Manali self-driving trip. Don’t stare at women’s curves. Don’t waste your energies…

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Should You Do Leh-Manali Trip by Bus or on Your Bike?

Photos of interesting landforms along Leh-Manali bus route

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Being chauffeured has an advantage. You can focus on the neighbors of the road instead of focusing on the road. The roads snaking through the mountains of the Himalayas are challenging but they lend themselves to the beautiful views. If you drive to tame your adrenaline rush, you will miss…

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8 Challenges Await You on Leh-Manali Highway

Potholes and scree create problems for drivers using Leh-Manali highway.

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Before you board the bus or take your bike for Leh-Manali journey, check these pictures to know the problems that you may face while driving on Leh-Manali journey.   July 18, 2014. A bus tries to cross the road section covered with boulders after a landslide.

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7 Pit Stops along HPTDC Leh-Manali Bus Route

Sarchu camps, Himachal Pradesh

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Pit stops along the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) Leh-Manali bus route offer only basic facilities. These facilities are not of high standards but you will never go hungry and thirsty. The short menus of the eateries at the stops are a mix of selected Continental, Punjabi, and Tibetan…

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First Hour of Leh-Chilling Drive in Ladakh

Leh-Chilling cycle ride

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On July 14, 2014, we hired a Maruti Van for a Leh-Chilling drive in Ladakh. The van window offered a perfect opportunity to capture the almost treeless house of the Zanskar River on camera because the skillful driver minimized jerks and drove at slow and steady pace. The 2-hour drive…

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Do you love the Himalayas and motor sports?

Where to travel If yes, the 13th Raid de Himalaya, the motor sports’ rally on the loftiest ground in the world, is a perfect adventure for you. Both bikers and four-wheel drivers can participate in the raid covering approximately 2,000 kilometers in six legs.  The rally starting from Shimla (Himachal…

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