Made in Thiksay (Part I)

A virtual tour of a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh

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Thiksay Monastery, one of popular Buddhist monasteries in Leh, dominates Thiksay village. The landmark is a combination of aesthetics, history, and religion. This virtual tour will show you these three sides of the monastery. Click on an image to watch the slideshow.

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Dull dinners at Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksay

I had dinner at this well-maintained restaurant twice in July 2014. The food was fresh and clean. But the taste was just okay. The vegetables I ordered had small or large amount of cottage cheese, which was boring. This cheese obsession is common in India. I have observed that the…

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Three Accommodation Options in Thiksay

Although Thiksay village in Leh has less than ten hotels, the village provides high-, mid-, and low-end accommodations. The tariff ranges from INR 400 per person, per night to more than INR 100,000 per person, per night.

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Breakfast at Chamba Hotel and Restaurant

Gobi Paratha, Chamba Restaurant, Thikse

We alighted in front of Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thikse Village, about forty-minute bus drive from Leh, around 9:00 a.m. on September 23, 2013. The sky was grey and cloudy. It was a nip in the air. The empty restaurant was probably awaiting the last guests of the season.…

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Nine Things to Do and See in Thiksey Monastery

  Thiksey Monastery in Thikse Village, less than one hour drive from Leh, is a Buddhist educational institute built on a steep hillock. The twelve-story fortress-style monastery is known as Mini Potala because it shares many architectural features of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. The monastery complex comprises whitewashed,…

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Thiksey Monastery Restaurant Food

Aloo Chat, Thiksey Monastery Restaurant

In Indian terms, Thiksey Monastery Restaurant, a mid-end eatery, quenches thirst, satiates appetite, and replenishes energy. Both set and a la carte meal options are available. A veg thali, a set meal, costs INR 150 per person. Plain rice costs INR 50 per plate. Service charge (10%) is extra…

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