TO ABHA launches Bir and Billing in Autumn


Bir and Billing in Autumn: a free travel guide


The Off: About Best Himalayan Adventures (TO ABHA) launched Bir and Billing in Autumn: A Guide for Adventure Travel Activities, a comprehensive travel guide to Bir and Billing in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh.

Excerpts from the guide:

“Like migratory birds, paragliders from faraway places in Europe and other parts of the world arrive in Bir and Billing. These “temporary birds” soar in the sky using canopies and party there. They “dance”, swing, and somersault in the blue sky, the expensive party zone requiring costly equipment and special skills. For tourists, Bir and Billing, one of the best paragliding sites in the world, suddenly goes glam from a plain Jane. The novices make repeated attempts for a right take-off, hoping to join the party and compete one day…

Where to stay in Bir –Billing

You can count the Bir hotels and resorts on the fingers of one hand. Luxury hotels are altogether missing from the popular paragliding site. However, the small village has more than twenty-five guest houses, home stays, and / or paying guest accommodations with limited number of rooms (3-15). The price varies from INR 50 per bed in a dormitory to INR 3,000 per room, per night on double occupancy basis…”

You can download the free travel guide to plan an adventure.


Back Cover of Bir-Billing Travel Guide

Bir and Billing in Autumn: A Guide for Adventure Travel Activities (Back Cover)

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