The Off: (ABHA) publishes “Everest ATP Analysis: Suppliers’ Perspective” report

Chandigarh, India, January 1, 2012-The Off: About Best Himalayan Adventures (ABHA) published its first adventure travel research report, “Everest Adventure Travel Package (ATP) Analysis: Suppliers’ Perspective (Dec 2011)”. The report concludes

  • Supply of 11-20 days long ATPs is the maximum.
  • Supply of multi-destination EODs ATPs is the highest.
  • Nepal-side ATPs account for 87.78%, whereas Tibet-side ATPs for just 12.22%.
  • Comparing ATP prices even within the same category is difficult.
  • Nepali ATCs have cost advantage over ATCs based in other countries.
  • KE Adventures (United Kingdom), Himalayan Glacier Trekking (Nepal) and World Expeditions (Australia) are major suppliers of the “Everest” named ATPs.

The report author recommends that there is a need for ATP grade standardization and price parameter standardization for the same ATP by collective effort of ATCs.  Read full report online or download the free report.

About the Off: about best Himalayan adventures (ABHA) 

the Off: about best Himalayan adventures (ABHA) is an online travel information provider. The website, set up in 2008, focuses on adventure travel information for both adventure travelers and adventure travel tourism industry professionals.

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  1. waiting for the next installment, if it was this good then i will be very impressed.

  2. Cannot wait to see what else you come up with, i really enjoyed it!

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