TO ABHA Launches October Issue of Adventure Travel Blog Magazine

TO ABHA Launches October Issue of Adventure Travel Blog Magazine

TO ABHA Dedicates October Issue to Bir Billing, Paragliding Sites in Himachal PradeshThe October issue of our adventure travel blog magazine is about twin paragliding sites, Bir Billing, located in the lap of the Indian Himalayas. The magazine includes five (5) photo stories focusing on the local attractions, comprehensive travel information, and a free downloadable travel guide (2013 edition).

Since photographic impressions of a place influence the traveling decisions of many of us, we have created detailed photo stories.

Comprehensive travel information means separate detailed sections on Go, Eat, Do, See, and Stay. You will find travel reviews of the facilities we used during our stay at the sites.

DYK? Highlight of the 2015 season is the Paragliding World Cup.

A dedicated section about safety introduces the readers to paragliding injuries, basic minimum standards defined by the Indian Ministry of Tourism, and rules laid down by Himachal Pradesh.

We tried to write in simple English so that our non-English speaking readers can also use the information.

We worked hard to create the magazine. Let’s know what you think about it. How useful it was in planning your trip to Bir Billing. What more information do you need?

You can download the preview of magazine and read the issue online.

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