Trek Less Frequented Trails in Idukki

If you are looking for unexplored or less frequented trails, Chathurangapara and Pandipara in Idukki district, Kerala are ideal spots. Chathurangapara Mettu, situated near Udumbanchola, lends itself to charming views of villages and fields of Tamil Nadu. If sky is clear, you can see villages located as far as Thevaram and Kattabommanpatty.  You can enjoy picturesque landscape featuring chiseled rocks and expanses of grasslands from the Mettu, which is known for the highest wind power flux inIndia. Chathurangapara, located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, is accessible from theThekkady-Munnar State Highway.  About 2-kilometer-long trail starts from Chathurangapara junction.

Udumbanchola, a taluk in Iduuki, is dotted with pepper, coffee and cardamom plantations. Nedumkandam is the headquarter of the taluk. Ramakkalmedu or Pandipara, also located on the border of the two states, is about15 kilometersfrom Nedumkandam and about40 kilometersfrom Thekkady. ThepeakofRamakkalmeduoffers a bird’s eye view of the plains of Tamil Nadu and the Western Ghats.


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