Connotations of White Chrysanthemums

Ideas for India travel

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Delicate white chrysanthemums come in wide varieties: anemone, decorative, double Korean, incurved, incurving, reflexed, spider, and spoon. Many of these flowers are not pure white. A dash of pink, purple, and yellow hues enhances the white refreshing petals. The white blooms have different meanings in different countries. For example, white…

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Marigold Art from Chandigarh Chrysanthemum Show

Are you traveling to India during December? Visit Chrysanthemum Show in Terraced Garden, Chandigarh.

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Carefully cultivated chrysanthemum blooms were center of attractions during annual Chrysanthemum Show 2012, Chandigarh. And marigold art complemented guest chrysanthemums and resident bushes and tall trees in the Terraced Garden. The marigold art exhibits featured marigold flowers in three shades: maroon, orange, and / or yellow. The floral artists created…

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Chrysanthemums from Chandigarh

Photo stories about chrysanthemum show, Chandigarh

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Manicured Terraced Garden in Sector 33B, Chandigarh comes alive with chrysanthemums of varied colors during annual winter Chrysanthemum Show. However, you will not find blue color chrysanthemums because they are limited to fantasies. Chrysanthemums of different shapes and sizes reside in clean pots for three days in the garden. The…

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First Hour of Leh-Chilling Drive in Ladakh

Leh-Chilling cycle ride

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On July 14, 2014, we hired a Maruti Van for a Leh-Chilling drive in Ladakh. The van window offered a perfect opportunity to capture the almost treeless house of the Zanskar River on camera because the skillful driver minimized jerks and drove at slow and steady pace. The 2-hour drive…

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Upper Alchi in Ladakh

Upper Alchi in Ladakh, India

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Upper Alchi in Ladakh is home to Drukling Monastery, Shangrong Lhakhang, and Tsatsapuri Monastery. None of these are frequented destinations despite the serene surroundings. But these historically important shrines tell stories of Buddhism. The walls of run-down shrines still have some old religious paintings drawn as per the Buddhist guidelines.…

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Ancient Alchi in Leh

Manjushree Temple in Alchi, Jammu and Kashmir

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Alchi in Leh district is home to ancient religious art partly preserved in the Choskhor, Shangrong Lhakhang, and Tsatsapuri Monastery and modern hydro power engineering marvel, Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Project. Experience these heritage sites through our two photo stories: Ancient Alchi in Leh and Upper Alchi in Ladakh. Ancient Alchi…

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A Mixed Day Tour of Mandi

Clock Tower, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

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Where to travel This short mixed tour of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh features both religious and secular attractions. Within easy walking distance, the architecture changes from the Indian to the European, showing a stark contrast in philosophies representing different periods of the history. The color scheme of the attractions changes…

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