About ABHA

ABHA is an e-magazine exclusively dedicated to the travels in the Himalayas. The acronym ABHA stands for About Best Himalayan Adventures.

Let me explain why I started it. Like me, many love the Himalayas because of affordability and numerous opportunities for action packed leisure. The action comes in variety. Barring a few pockets, it is not crowded yet. True adventure destinations are many. A true adventure destination means a place where amenities and services are unavailable or only the bare basics are available. For example, Pangi, Prashar Lake, Ringdom, and Manman Top offer just bare basics. Some maiden adventures are also possible. For example, virgin peaks and /or virgin faces of the peaks, unexplored valleys, uncharted white waters.… Moreover, I did not find a travel magazine dedicated to the Himalayan adventures.

The unique self-published adventure travel magazine shows you remote and serene. The half-yearly magazine explores the unfrequented destinations and looks at the frequented destinations from a fresh perspective. Have you heard about Arano, Bhikhodi, Chhitki Bugyal, and Ladakhi Duesshra? No. I was sure about this reply.

Each issue includes detailed photo features on the Himalayan destinations that offer opportunities for adventure trips, once-in-a-lifetime trips for intrepid.

In fact, ABHA is a timeless 3-in-one book: coffee-table book, magazine, and travel guide.


Coffee-table book because it’s a large book with lots of photos of the Himalayas. You can just browse it while sipping coffee.

Magazine because it’s a thin large-page book containing travel anecdotes, stories, and photographs; and is published regularly. You can read stories and browse photos during leisure.

Travel guide because it’s a book full of important hands-on information about the frequented and unfrequented Himalayan destinations.

But do remember it is neither a hardcover nor glossy paperback book. It is a responsive ebook.

Tag Line

Be Adventurous More than Once.

The tagline inspires everyone to go on adventures again and again to know the mountain range and oneself better.

Logo and Masthead



Best means different things: Best in literal sense. Bold Experienced Skilled Travelers or Trekkers. Bold Experienced Spirited Travelers. Bold Exotic Special Trips…

Best is subjective. Here, best does not mean luxury because adventure means to undertake risk; to see unexplored, least explored, unfamiliar, and/ or unusual; and to travel with less. Best means doing physically and mentally demanding leisure activities in challenging, serene, and natural environments.


Two feet holding a heart denote H that stands for Himalayan. The best mode to explore the high Himalayas is on foot. The misaligned feet show action full of movements and moments to reminisce. The red shining heart symbolizes fitness and passion required for the best adventures.


An adventure is a risky action. A risk is a wealth of unexpected outcomes from an adventure trip. An action, in current parlance, refers to bird and butterfly watching, mountain hiking, trekking, walking, mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, white water rafting, and the like. The outcomes include cultural, emotional, mental, monetary, physical, social…


The front cover showcases raw nature- physical landscape of the Himalayas, whereas the back cover cultural landscape.


Magazine has the following sections:

Elaborate photo features based on adventure activities
Himalayan Key

This section details attractions of the range. If you know the names and features of the Himalayan attractions, you will remember them well. Thus, sharing the experiences with your friends and family will become easy.

      • Celebrations
      • Fauna
      • Flora
      • Hamlet
      • Handicraft
      • Monument
      • Museum
      • Simple Platter
More Secrets…
      • Gear
      • Mountain and Your Body helps you in improving fitness level.
      • The Funnies shows funny side of adventure.


Don’t be afraid. Browse and read the magazine, because all adventures are not difficult. The publication has something for everyone: beginner, intermediate, and hardcore thrill seekers.

Let us know what you think.

With your feedback and support, I hope to progress with every issue.

Send feedback at  editor(plus)abh(dot)a(at)theoff(dot)info.

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