Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions (TAC) for Using The Off

The Off offers travel related information for all types of users. It may add more services in future. Disclaimer, an agreement between you and The Off, is continuously updated as and when new services are added to the site or required. It is the responsibility of users to check the latest version of Disclaimer and check with the owner of the site in case of any confusions and problems. All users of this World Wide Web site, www.theoff.info, are bound by and agree to terms of use and conditions included in the Disclaimer. In case of any disagreement, you are requested to leave the site. The users agree to access the Site at their own risk.


The Off offers its services subject to the following terms and conditions:

Utmost care and every precaution are taken while posting content on the web site to ensure that authentic and current information should be uploaded. But the owner of the website is not liable for any inaccuracy, inadequacy, incompleteness, incorrectness, recency errors, factual errors, typographical errors, misquoting, and errors because of hacking and virus transmission. However, users’ feedback is always welcome in correcting errors, if any, and improving the website. Analysis, opinions, and views presented on the website are author specific. Data and information provided are only for informational purpose and not for trading purpose. Neither author nor owner of the website is liable for any of the errors or delays. The owner of the website has copyright for all the content including artwork, code, graphics, photographs, pictures, text, write ups, and others unless otherwise excluded. Neither the owner nor any of the employees can be held responsible for any interruption due to technical snag or other problems. Without written permission from the owner, material cannot be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, redistributed, resold, uploaded, posted, transmitted in any form.

No one is authorized to post any content on the site without prior permission of the owner of the website. If anybody tries to publish / publishes illegal material on the site including but not limited to abusive, defamatory, harmful (especially for minors), hateful, invasive of another’s privacy, libelous, obscene, objectionable (ethnically or otherwise), porn, racial, secret documents, spam, vulgar material etc would be severely punished under applicable Indian laws.

All users agree to comply with local rules regarding online mannerism.

Although The Off takes utmost care while sending emails, it is not liable for any virus received via email and its consequences. Email messages could be corrupted, incomplete, infected and carrying viruses. Therefore, recipients should scan emails and attachments for viruses.

Users may be of legal age and are not those who are barred from receiving services under the laws of India.

Neither an agent nor an employee is authorized to ink agreements on behalf of The Off without prior permission of the owner of the website in writing.

Any disputes arising would be settled in the appropriate court of India.

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