8 Unauthorized Sellers of Our Content

We regularly search web for feedback on our work, content created by theoff.info. A recent search revealed very disappointing information. Some people are selling our content without our permission.

We would like to inform our valuable readers that they should not buy our content, including website articles, images, magazine, and pdfs, from the following unauthorized sellers:

8 Unauthorized Sellers


theoff.info blacklists downmagaz.net for selling its content without permission.




getmagazines.org has no permission to sell content of theoff.info.


The Off did not hire hoacuoi.biz for selling the content.


issuhub.com is an unauthorized seller of content produced by theoff.info.


Magazinelib.com,  an unauthorized seller of content produced by theoff.info.


online.cheapsalesstore2021.ru, an unauthorized seller of content produced by theoff.info.


Caution: Do not buy ABHA magazine and other content created by theoff.info from pdfmagaz.in because PDFMagaz has not sought permission of the creator.


worldmags.net sells content produced by theoff.info without any permission.

Only 4 Authorised Distributors/Sellers

We have only three authorized distributors of our magazine: (1) British Council Library, (2) magzter.com, and (3) pressreader.com. Buy ABHA magazine only from these three websites.

If you want to buy content from our websites, contact us. (4) The Off (theoff.info) is the only authorized seller of the content published on all its websites.

Request to Readers

If you find any other unauthorized distributor/seller, please inform us.

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