Discount on Climbing Peak Fee

Climbing peak fee means an amount of money paid for attempting or climbing a peak in the Indian Himalayas. 

Indian Mountaineering Foundation (I.M.F.) offers almost 50% discount on the fee to draw foreign mountaineers during Climbing Season 2020.

The fee increases with an increase in the altitude of peak and team size. Foreign climbers can choose from 278 open peaks that are divided into three categories: <6,500m, 6,500-7,000m, and >=7,001m. 

While the fee increases by 40% with rise in altitude up to 500 meters beyond 6,500m, it doubles when altitude crosses 7,000 meters. 

An expedition may comprise of two to twelve members. The first two members pay slightly more than the each additional member from 3rd to 12th. Each additional member pays 7-10% less than the first two members at full rate and 6-12% less at discounted rate.

Peaks lower than 6,500m account for more than 80%. Ladakh has 48% of these peaks, followed by Himachal and Uttarakhand. The last two states offer 47% peaks. The share of Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim is negligible in the category that hardly need oxygen for summit.

Ladakh also leads in total peak inventory. Himachal and Uttarakhand share almost one fourth each. Uttarakhand offers two more peaks than Himachal.


Peak fee is also called handling charges or peak charges.

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