What Is Mt Everest Famous for?

The peak is famous for its altitude that changes. Recently, its widely excepted altitude (8,848m/29,029ft) has been revised. Officially, Everest is now taller by .86m (more than 2ft). The increase creates new opportunities for making new records in mountaineering.

In December 2020, China and Nepal confirmed new official altitude of the peak (8,848.86m/29,031.8 feet). These joint owners of the tallest mountain of the world were earlier arguing: Should the top snow cap be added to the total height or not? 

Both countries had different measurements because of different viewpoints. China argued only height of the rock should be measured. Nepal countered that the the total elevation should also include the height of the top most snow layer. China used the Yellow Sea as the base mean sea level, whereas Nepal the Bay of Bengal. China has measured Everest thrice: 1975, 2005, and 2020. Nepal measured it once: 2019

Another aspect makes Everest special: sightline from the summit. A sightline is an imaginary line between the eye of the observer and the area or object viewed. That means, how far can you see from Mount Everest?

You can see as far as 336km on a clear day, according to Dr. Burke an optometrist.

The summit affords 360 degree view encompassing Cho Oyu, Makalu, and Lhotse, the eighth-, the fifth- and the fourth-tallest peaks in the world respectively, Tibetan plateau…


1 meter = 39.37 inches = 3.3 feet

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